Boudewijn Tax Adviser

Apart from the content of work, the most important thing for me personally that sets Loyens and Loeff apart from other law firms is the working environment and the culture. Working together with young and ambitious colleagues ensures that you are always able to get the best out of yourself and that you develop quickly both professionally and as a person. I like my job as a tax adviser as the tax world is an always-changing environment which makes it intellectually challenging. But it is not only a technical and intellectual job; international tax means working with people, working with clients and ambitious colleagues, and solving complex problems, which makes every day different. Furthermore, Loyens & Loeff has approximately 350 tax advisors which is uncommon for a law firm and makes it by far the largest tax practice of any law firm in Europe, if not worldwide. The large tax practice makes it easy to ask questions and share experiences with international colleagues.

For me, the above makes Loyens and Loeff a place where you can ongoingly challenge yourself and develop yourself both as a person and as a professional.