Application Code of Conduct

This application code is intended to provide guidance to both Loyens & Loeff and its applicants. The purpose of this code is to establish a transparent and fair recruitment and selection process.

Scope of the Code

This code applies to all Loyens & Loeff vacancies. The code also applies to open applications.

Origin of the vacancy

If there is a vacancy, it is immediately posted both internally and externally. With this, Loyens & Loeff also offers its employees the opportunity to apply.

Description of the vacancy

  • When there is a vacancy, a vacancy text will be written in which the relevant characteristics of the position are stated. This highlights the following topics: job content (responsibilities, team structure, culture, location and working hours) and job requirements (education, experience, personal characteristics).
  • Job requirements relate to professional competence (education, knowledge and experience), personal qualities (including behavior) and a match with the culture of Loyens & Loeff. Requirements with regard to personal characteristics are only set to what extent they are related to your role within the organization, culture, experience and a forward-looking view to the future (personal and professional development).
  • Our website describes what the application procedure looks like for students and starters within the legal profession, tax law and the notarial profession. For other applicants, the procedure may differ per case and will in any case consist of (at least) two application rounds. In the event that the application procedure deviates, the responsible Talent Acquisition Adviser will explain the application procedure to be completed by telephone.

Selection procedure

  • For the proper course of the procedure and the protection of the applicant’s private data, it is important that you apply for the applicant via our website, unless stated otherwise in the vacancy text.
  • Loyens & Loeff strives to provide the applicant with clarity regarding the application procedure within two weeks. This means that the applicant is either invited for an introductory meeting or that the applicant has been rejected.
  • There are circumstances whereby it takes longer than two weeks to give an answer regarding an application. In such cases, we work to inform the applicant of the application procedure as soon as possible.
  • Loyens en Loeff can at any time request the applicant to identify himself with a valid form of identification during the procedure.
  • During the application procedure, the applicant will only be asked questions that are relevant to the position and / or the job performance. Questions regarding, for example, health, possible (future) pregnancy, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity are not asked.
  • Obtaining information about the applicant from third parties only takes place with the knowledge of the applicant and after the applicant has given permission for this. The information to be requested is directly related to the position to be filled and will not infringe the privacy of the applicant.


  • Taking an assessment can be part of the application procedure. An assessment can include the following: a personality questionnaire, capacity test and / or talent test.
  • The applicant gives Loyens & Loeff permission to inspect the results prior to taking the assessment.
  • The results of the personality questionnaire are only viewed by our HR employees. During an interview with one of our HR professionals, the applicant will receive an explanation of the results of the personality questionnaire and the applicant will receive the report (in hard copy).
  • With regard to the capacity test, the applicant will receive an oral explanation and the report by e-mail as soon as possible after it has been completed. The results of the capacity test are only shared with the persons involved in the selection procedure.
  • As soon as the result of the talent test is known, we will inform the applicant whether these tests have been completed satisfactorily and therefore positively.
  • The costs of the assessment are for Loyens & Loeff.

Final selection

  • Should it be decided at any point during the application procedure that an applicant is not eligible for the position, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible, explaining the rejection as clearly as possible.
  • The application procedure is considered complete when the vacancy has been filled or Loyens & Loeff has decided that the vacancy has lapsed. Only those who are still participating in the procedure at that time will receive this as soon as possible.
  • Once a vacancy has been filled, it will be removed from the internal and external website.


  • All information obtained from the applicant will be treated confidentially and carefully and in all cases the privacy of the applicant will be respected and guaranteed. For more information about how Loyens & Loeff deals with the privacy of the applicant, we refer you to our privacy statement.
  • The data of the applicants who are rejected will only be kept with the applicant’s consent. After expiry of the retention period, the data will be automatically deleted, unless the applicant gives permission again.
  • An applicant can at any time request access to the data we have about them and request us to delete this data before the expiry of the retention period.


  • If you believe that Loyens & Loeff is acting in violation of the provisions of this code, you can submit a written complaint. You can address this to Sylvia The-McArthur and send it by email to: stating the vacancy name. The complaint will be handled on behalf of or by the HR Director.
  • An applicant who has addressed a written complaint about the recruitment and selection procedure to Loyens & Loeff and has received no or an unsatisfactory response, can submit a written complaint to the NVP. The NVP then checks this written complaint against this code, with due observance of the provisions of the NVP complaints regulations.