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Employees are no longer just looking for an employer, they want a job that matches their personality. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your personal qualities at home to have a successful professional career at Loyens & Loeff (on the contrary!)


“I’m very interested in the way technology will impact the legal industry. It will undoubtedly do, but to what extent and in what way is still unclear. At Loyens & Loeff I feel able to contribute to shaping the future of law and tax.”

Zaïr van Uytrecht – Legal Engineer

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“Not only at the office I want to get the best out of my self, but also on the soccer field.”

Nick Kitsz – Tax Compliance Adviser

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“What appeals to me about being a (junior) civil-law notary is the fact that you have an independent and impartial role and are in contact with clients in order to make suitable advice or documents for them.”

Fabiënne Reeling – Junior Deputy Civil Law Notary

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“If I’d say that I wanted to become a civil-law notary when I was a little boy, I’d be lying. But after five years of Loyens & Loeff, I can genuinely say that it is wonderful to be involved with substantively complex matters for great clients, but that it is even better when you’re doing that with great colleagues. I’m glad I chose Loyens & Loeff.”

Erwin Bosma – Deputy Civil Law Notary

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The Netherlands are one of our four home markets. There are two offices situated here, in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Do you want to learn more about the atmosphere, culture and people in our Dutch offices? Click on the buttons below to get inspired. And who knows, maybe we will welcome you soon!

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