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Welcome to Loyens & Loeff Belgium

What is life like in our Belgium Offices?

Belgium is one of our four home markets. Our office is situated in Brussels, in a brand-new smart building near a beautiful park. Do you want to learn more about the atmosphere, culture and people in our Belgian office? Click on the buttons below to get inspired. And who knows, maybe we will welcome you soon!

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Meet your future  colleagues

Employees are no longer just looking for an employer, they want a job that matches their personality. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your personal qualities at home to have a successful professional career at Loyens & Loeff (on the contrary!)

 At work, people know me as Olivia, online I am Mademoiselle Olive. I started my hobby as an Instagram influencer when going on Erasmus in Paris. Ever since, I love sharing pictures of outfits, good restaurants, interior inspiration etc. My Instagram profile states ‘lawyer by day – avocado lover by night’. But you know what my secret is? I am both, all the time.

Within Loyens & Loeff, I get to work alongside a variety of people, all with their own interesting personalities and backgrounds. The one thing that everyone has in common is that they are really driven and very enthusiastic about what they do.

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