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1500 different employees with 1500 different stories. At Loyens & Loeff, people are our most valuable asset. As diverse as our people are, what they all have in common is that they are driven, ambitious, and share a focus on achieving better results. In their work and beyond. Curious to meet your future colleagues? Have a look!

“If I’d say that I wanted to become a civil-law notary when I was a little boy, I’d be lying. But after five years of Loyens & Loeff, I can genuinely say that it is wonderful to be involved with substantively complex matters for great clients, but that it is even better when you’re doing that with great colleagues. I’m glad I chose Loyens & Loeff.”

Erwin Bosma – Deputy Civil Law Notary

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“At work, people know me as Olivia, online I am Mademoiselle Olive. My Instagram profile states ‘lawyer by day – avocado lover by night’. That’s the beauty of working at Loyens & Loeff: I can be the avocado-loving lawyer without anyone batting an eyelid.”

Olivia Oosterlynck – Attorney at Law

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“As a professional footballer, being part of a team supported me in becoming the best I could be, gave me wings and helped me flourish. I am so glad that I feel the same about my current team. Because that’s how it feels to work here: Team Loyens & Loeff.”

Aron Liechti – Attorney at Law and Tax Adviser

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To get to know you and give you the opportunity to get to know us, we organize multiple events throughout the year in all our four home markets. Interested in having a meeting with us? Have a look at our schedule to see when the next event is planned.

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We are not just looking for talented professionals, above all, we are looking for nice people. We are not the kind of employer who expects employees to switch off their personalities at the door. Instead, we expect you to bring something more than just knowledge or experience to the table. Want to know how your unique personal qualities will fit into one of our offices? Just click the button for one of our different home markets to get a taste of what life in our offices is all about.

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