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Nadja Junior Associate

Growing up I was always surrounded by people with a passion (and a talent!) for photography. One of my most treasured memories is a safari trip in Kenia. I remember how dusk fell, and how I was looking at the sky that turned a dark orange right after the sun had set. I wished I could preserve that moment forever.

Unfortunately, back then I didn’t have the knowledge required to take good photographs in bad lighting conditions. After that Kenia trip, I started asking people around me for more advice on how to change the settings on the camera for different subjects and the more adventures I went on, the more knowledge about photography I gathered. For me photography always went hand in hand with travelling and teamwork. I became better every trip and – dare I say it – these days my photo albums turn out pretty decent. It’s a hobby I love, especially the part where you exchange advice with like-minded people and then take photographs of the same subject that turn out completely different. This fact still astonishes me every day.

By joining Loyens & Loeff I entered into a similar environment. The daily challenges we face in an international setting, the different approaches each co-worker takes and the various angles from which we look at problems are what makes our work so rewarding. Meeting your co-workers’ eye-to-eye, being accepted as a person in- and outside of work, learn from each other – one can only wish to work in that kind of environment. Particularly the times when we explore new fields together feel as inspiring as if we were on an adventure trying different settings and angles until we get the perfect shot.