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Lawyers Academy

The Lawyers Academy provides a kickstart to your career at Loyens & Loeff as a starting lawyer. For six months, you will follow an internal training programme with attention to your professional and personal development. You will be given direct responsibility for your own files and clients. For example, you may work on disputes about the purchase or renovation of a house, labour disputes, rent issues, unpaid invoices and other files in which you can quickly make a big difference for your client. You will be intensively coached by experienced lawyers.

The Lawyers Academy focuses on four pillars.


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Team bonding & onboarding

In the Lawyers Academy, you get to know Loyens & Loeff and immediately build an internal network. You will work closely and become friends with your fellow Academy mates. As each of these Academy mates will go to different practice groups, you will have valuable connections throughout the organisation.

Personal leadership

On the basis of a personality profile and in-depth training courses, you will get to know your own strengths and weaknesses, the style that suits you best and how to deal with other communication styles. With your own coach, you can work on personal learning goals. During the unforgettable Lawyers Academy trip, team cooperation and your leadership skills will be further deepened and put to the test.


Through our experienced tutors, you will acquire up-to-date legal knowledge that you can immediately apply to your own cases. You will learn to assess the substantive and procedural side of a case and work strategically.


Significant attention is given to the skills needed to practice law. You will put these skills into practice during client meetings, hearings and negotiations. In addition, our business development courses give you the tools to build a network, the ‘Transaction Game’ introduces you to transaction practice and the ‘Write to Inspire’ workshop teaches you how to write sound advice or a convincing legal argument.