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Learning & Development

Why walk when you can run?
At Loyens & Loeff we put people at the heart of our business. To help you, we also put growth at the heart of yours.
With firstclass training and mentoring programs to accompany each step of your progression, think of us as a place in perpetual motion where there is no stopping your ambition.

Learning and development at Loyens & Loeff takes place in an inspiring, versatile and safe environment in which our professionals take ownership of their professional and personal growth. We support this by organizing and facilitating activities in an environment that invites them to do so. We believe that a combination of experiences leads to future-proof growth.

Our courses, workshops and training courses vary from technical and soft skills training to tailor-made development. We do this both individually and in groups and everything according to the 70/20/10 principle. We believe in learning in the workplace, from each other and in training and education programs.

Introduction Academy

For all our junior associates, junior tax advisers, tax compliance advisers, junior civil law notaries and transactions lawyers, the start of your onboarding journey begins with a one week introduction program at our offices in both Amsterdam as Rotterdam. During the practical introduction program you will get to know our office and all the other starters. You will be immersed in our culture, mission and values, but you will also be prepared for your first working day. You will receive various training courses, such as a speed reading course and a presenting skills training, but social activities are also organized during the week.


“The Academy is not only a great learning experience; you also lay the foundation for your future network within Loyens & Loeff”.


After the induction period, you will explore your own field as a tax compliance adviser, tax advisor, transaction lawyer or candidate civil-law notary and you will start the vocational training within your practice group.
As a junior associate, you will first follow the Loyens & Loeff Lawyers Academy for two months after the Introduction Academy, where you will independently handle cases and gain litigation experience under expert supervision. After the Lawyers Academy, you will start the “beroepsopleiding” within your practice group.

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Client & Business Development

The markets in which Loyens & Loeff operates are changing rapidly. In order to continue to bind our existing clients and add new clients, it is important that you develop in the field of client & business development.
The Loyens & Loeff Client & Business Development Program is not about “sales”, but about increasing pro-activity, added value, distinctiveness, strengthening your client relationships and collaboration (cross-selling). In short, a program in which a lot of attention is paid to your personal and professional development!

Personal leadership

The Personal Leadership Program contributes to the creation of a future-proof organization by developing self-confident, agile and resilient professionals. The world is changing rapidly and to cope with this continuous change, a flexible and agile mindset is required from our professionals.
Loyens & Loeff offers Personal Leadership Programs at various levels. Personal leadership helps you to strengthen and develop your leadership skills by gaining insight into yourself, in how to deal with uncertainty, into your automatic patterns and into your interaction with other.

Team Assistants of the Future

For our team of assistants we have developed a special program that revolves around development in the areas of skills, knowledge, attitude, behavior and personal development. It is important to keep up with the current times and to respond to them in the right way.