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Erwin Deputy Civil Law Notary

Like most little boys who played football, I dreamt of playing for Ajax. Even when it was clear that I’d sooner wear a three-piece suit than a red and white football kit, I still didn’t think that suit would be the kind of suit people at the Zuidas wear.

I never imagined a Zuidas office to be my kind of thing. Even late in my student days, I wasn’t convinced that I would become a candidate civil-law notary. But I got further and further in my study of notarial law, and one day the thought that it would be smart to look towards what kind of office I wanted to work in and keep an open mind at that.

It just so happened that Loyens & Loeff organized a five-day summer course right around that time. A five-day summer course turned into a two-month internship, a two-month internship became a two-month thesis internship and here we are now: five years later.

What changed or determined my image of Loyens & Loeff, however cliché – clichés are usually true – were the people who work there. People at Loyens & Loeff are willing to work hard to provide high-level advice or come up with a creative solution, but also find their life outside of work just as important.

If I’d say that I wanted to become a civil-law notary when I was a little boy, I’d be lying. But after five years of Loyens & Loeff, I can genuinely say that it is wonderful to be involved with substantively complex matters for great clients, but that it is even better when you’re doing that with great colleagues. I’m glad I chose Loyens & Loeff.